Not For Sale

A Cowboy Christmas Romance

I'm gonna have to show her how things are done out in the country.

Felicity Hamilton is everything I expect a New Yorker to be: classy, sassy, and a royal pain in the butt. And she doesn't understand the first thing about life in Montana.

I know her type, city girls looking for a hook-up that's different and wild, as long as they can go back to their pedicures and fancy cocktails the next day.

I sure don't mind giving her a good ride and letting her play cowgirl for a night. Everything about her makes me sweat. Her voice, her curves, and especially her tongue.

But is she working for me? Or for the corporation trying to buy my ranch?

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Royal Tryst

A Royal Bad Boy Romance by Virginia Sexton and Ruby Steel

I’m the Crown Prince of scandal

I’ve been told to stay away from her

Well, that's not happening.

The world knows me as the royal playboy

But this time, I'm playing for keeps...

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Buck Me, Daddy

A Single Dad Cowboy Romance by Virginia Sexton and Ruby Steel

My happy endings only come in one variety.

I have time for two things in my life: my little girl Lyssa and working my a@@ off to stockpile my baby a fortune.

Then she rode into my life.

And now this cowboy's aching to break a wild mare...

I should be focused on the ranch and my investments.

Nannies are supposed to minimize distractions, not cause them.

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SEAL's Secret

A super delicious treat from Virginia Sexton and Ruby Steele


Coming home means coming hard. I've never cared who with, until her.
Sweet and sassy, she's not just that young girl I remember.
She's all grown up. She even has a kid now.

I've never set my sights on a single mom before... but getting her alone has me growing in all the right places.

The kid's actually pretty cool, too.

She thinks I want a quick lay, but I'm ready to stake my claim.

And Daddy always gets what Daddy wants.

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Cherry Pie

No attachments. No distractions.

That's why I'm filthy rich instead of a family man.

I always reckoned falling in love was a choice.

Until her.

She's a demure young waitress who draws me in tight.

And then walks away just as things get hot.

I'm the one who gives girls the shaft--all of it--not the other way around.

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The Winning Bid

This isn’t just an auction; it’s a war, and she's the grand prize.

Sweet, girl-next-door types like Wendy Hart don’t usually sell their innocence for cash. She’s a rarity, and my arch-rival, Orson Bishop, will stop at nothing to claim her.

If she’s looking to get rich, Bishop can make her impossibly wealthy, but I’ve got sizeable assets... and an impressive bankroll, too.

Bishop's used to taking what he wants, even if it means stealing it.

But not this time...

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His Virgin Payback

He took my freedom. Now I’ll take his daughter.

Lily Prescott used to strut around my office, flaunting her curves and her mile-high legs. Begging me to bend her over my desk.

I ached for her, but she was off-limits. Her father was my business partner, someone I called a friend.

Until he betrayed me. Took everything from me.

For three years, I’ve been in prison. And all I can think about is what I’m going to take from him.


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His Virgin Actress

I’m gonna win a f-ing Oscar for this performance

I'm not a respectable man. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Some conservative investors need convincing that I’m not the playboy they've seen splashed across the gossip rags.

When you have as big a…bankroll as I do, you do the obvious: hire a pretty girl to be a fake fiancée.

Cammie is perfect to play the role of my blushing bride-to-be, with her innocence and sweetness.

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His Virgin Escort

That's one virgin I’d love to train


The Excalibur has a new escort joining the force, and she’s all mine. For now. Cal, the owner, had to swear to me he was telling the truth: she’s a virgin. Who wants to be a professional escort. And Cal wants her to spend a week with me before she’s auctioned off to the highest bidder. I’m supposed to use my sizable… skills… to train her how to please a man — without taking her innocence. I’ve never broken my word, and she’s not here for me, but I can’t let another man touch her.

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His Virgin Heiress

I’m tired of being a virgin.

Being the heiress of a world-famous media tycoon has one big drawback: I've never met the right man. The handsome, career-driven business executives look at me and only see dollar signs. The normal guys, they're too afraid of my father to even put their hands on me.

I need somebody who doesn't care about my money; a man driven to claim me, to hell with the consequences. A man who can make my first time the mind-blowing experience I've always dreamed it would be. A man like Colin Legend.

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