SEAL's Secret

A super delicious treat from Virginia Sexton and Ruby Steele.


Coming home means coming hard. I’ve never cared who with, until her.
Sweet and sassy, she’s not just that young girl I remember.
She’s all grown up. She even has a kid now.

I’ve never set my sights on a single mom before… but getting her alone has me growing in all the right places.

The kid’s actually pretty cool, too.

She thinks I want a quick lay, but I’m ready to stake my claim.

And Daddy always gets what Daddy wants.


I haven’t seen him since my daughter came into my life.

He’s turned into a grown a@@ man, complete with hard-won muscles and an impressive military record.

The way he looks at me now, that all-consuming determination in his eyes, is fanning the flames of my youthful crush into a raging fire.

But if I get too close, I’m going to get burned.

He doesn’t know the truth about my daughter, and I’m not about to tell him.

He’s a soldier. I know they love and leave.
My little girl deserves a father, not a come-and-go seaman donor.

And I can’t bear to have him disappear with both of our hearts……