His Virgin Payback

He took my freedom. Now I’ll take his daughter.

Lily Prescott used to strut around my office, flaunting her curves and her mile-high legs. Begging me to bend her over my desk.

I ached for her, but she was off-limits. Her father was my business partner, someone I called a friend.

Until he betrayed me. Took everything from me.

For three years, I’ve been in prison. And all I can think about is what I’m going to take from him.


That luscious body will finally be mine, and I won’t be gentle.

But Lily’s sweeter than I remember, and her innocence is chipping away at a part of my heart I thought had hardened forever.

Except it’s not revenge if you fall in love. So I have to take her, just the way I’d planned.

And to hell with my heart…